Alec Baldwin Encourages Young People to Vote…for Charlie Brown

    Alec Baldwin Encourages Young People to Vote...for Charlie Brown

    Alec Baldwin can confirm: Charlie Brown is indeed a good man, and the best man for the job.

    In partnership with the "Peanuts Rocks the Vote" campaign, the SNL actor — whose work as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will have fans in stitches every weekend until the election — told the story of his first time meeting Charlie Brown.

    "I met Charlie Brown when I was, well, his age, and I discovered someone who wanted the same things I did, and was as anxious about achieving them as I was," he said. "If he’s running for President, I’m voting for him."

    "The other thing I feel strongly about is making sure you're registered to vote," Baldwin continued, informing viewers they could register at

    Visitors can vote for their favorite Peanuts character online, as well as ensure their voices will be heard come the November 8 presidential election.

    In addition to Charlie Brown, fans can vote for Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Sally, and Franklin.

    Any election calls for a tough choice...

    Alec Baldwin Encourages Young People to Vote...for Charlie Brown

    ...but celebs like Baldwin, Aisha Tyler, Eden Sher, Candace Cameron Bure, Elizabeth Mitchell, Tim Matheson, and Melora Hardin have all joined Peanuts this year in encouraging young people to get out and vote.

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